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Svenskt Industriflyg

Svenskt Industriflyg

Industriflyg is a reputable private jet operator and management company based at Stockholm Bromma Airport, making it Sweden's leading choice for luxury air travel. Established in 1993, the company boasts a diverse fleet of over 20 aircraft, including jets and helicopters, providing a wide array of services like private charter flights, aircraft management, and special mission flights.

The company's top priority is ensuring the highest level of safety and service for its customers. Industriflyg equips its aircraft with cutting-edge safety features, and its pilots possess extensive experience, further bolstering passengers' confidence in their travel. The dedicated team of ground staff is always on hand to assist customers with any travel-related requirements, ensuring a seamless journey.

Beyond private charter flights, Industriflyg offers comprehensive aircraft management services, expertly handling all aspects of aircraft ownership. From maintenance and pilot training to scheduling, the company takes care of the logistical details, allowing owners to enjoy their aircraft worry-free. Additionally, Industriflyg conducts special mission flights for various purposes, such as medical evacuations, VIP transportation, and aerial surveys, showcasing the company's versatility in catering to diverse needs.

For businesses and individuals seeking reliable and efficient private jet transportation, Industriflyg stands as a trusted partner. The company's commitment to safety and service, along with its experienced team, ensures a high level of satisfaction for its valued customers. With round-the-clock customer support and competitive pricing, Industriflyg continues to be the go-to choice for luxury air travel in Sweden.

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Hangar 7, 168 67 Bromma, Sweden