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Sundt Air Executive Handling

Sundt Air Executive

Sundt Air Executive Handling, a premier full-service FBO based in Oslo and Stavanger, Norway, was founded in 2004 by Jan Sundt, an aviation industry expert with over 30 years of experience. Their team of dedicated professionals excels in delivering top-notch handling experiences to clients, offering a comprehensive range of services.

From ground handling, including fueling, catering, and passenger services, to line maintenance, routine inspections, and repairs, Sundt Air Executive Handling ensures every aspect of aircraft management is expertly managed. Additionally, the company provides handling supervision at FBOs worldwide, showcasing their global reach and commitment to professionalism.

The FAA- and EASA-certified Sundt Air Executive Handling prioritizes safety, aligning with the highest industry standards. As an esteemed member of the NATA, they further demonstrate their dedication to safety and professionalism. At the helm is CEO Jan Sundt, a highly respected figure in the aviation field, whose passion lies in providing clients with exceptional handling experiences. With a focus on becoming Norway's premier FBO, Jan is committed to elevating Sundt Air Executive Handling to new heights.

Choosing Sundt Air Executive Handling comes with a host of key benefits, including their FAA and EASA certifications, ensuring the highest safety standards. Their strategic locations in Oslo and Stavanger offer convenience for travelers heading to or from these cities.

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GA-Terminal, Oslo Airport - ENGM, Hans Gaarders veg, 2060 Gardermoen, Norway