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Premium Jet

Premium Jet

Premium Jet AG is a Swiss-based private jet company that has been offering a comprehensive range of services since its establishment in 2009. With a strong focus on service and safety, the company provides aircraft management, charter flights, and aircraft purchase/sales solutions. Headquartered at Zurich Airport and with an additional office at Vienna Airport, Premium Jet AG's team of experienced professionals boasts over 100 years of combined aviation expertise. Their ARGUS Gold rating, one of the highest safety certifications in the private jet industry, further highlights the company's dedication to ensuring top-notch safety standards.

The company's diverse fleet includes aircraft such as the Bombardier Challenger 300, Bombardier Challenger 650, Citation Latitude, and Gulfstream G550. In addition to its own fleet, Premium Jet AG has established partnerships with other private jet companies to provide access to a wider range of aircraft options for its clients.

Beyond aircraft management and charter services, Premium Jet AG offers an array of supplementary services, encompassing aircraft maintenance, flight planning, and crew training. Ensuring round-the-clock support, the company has a dedicated team of customer service representatives available to address any inquiries or concerns that clients may have, contributing to an overall smooth and enjoyable flying experience.

For those seeking the highest level of service and safety, Premium Jet AG presents an excellent option. With its ARGUS Gold rating, versatile fleet, and committed team of professionals, the company stands ready to deliver a seamless and delightful private jet experience.

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Bimenzältenstrasse 75, 8058 Zürich, Switzerland